RUSSIA'S PIVOT TO ASIA - How Russia and China Have Anticipated A New Cold War, The Impact On Western Sanctions Effectiveness And The Global Implications

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken many analysts by surprise and together with massive, imposed sanctions has profound implications for global supply chains and commodity prices. The conflict is ushering in a new type of global economic warfare. In this special issue of AIR, we examine how the conflict was fiscally prepared and planned for by both Russia, the East, and the West, and what the geopolitical implications are likely to be.

We examine the lead up to conflict in terms of Russia's macro-economics, foreign investment, its relations with China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Central Asia, the Eurasian Economic Union, India, Pakistan, ASEAN, Japan and South Korea and illustrate how Ukraine is a component part of a far wider geopolitical struggle between the East and West.

We look also to the future to assess what is in store for global markets and economies, the impact on the US dollar, and supply chains after the 21st century's first major conflict.

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Ukraine Relief Efforts

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